Eating a Gluten-Free Diet in College is a Learning Process

Eating a gluten-free diet in college seems to be more challenging for younger students who have just moved away from home than for second and third year students. Studying, working and managing everything for the first time can get overwhelming. As kids try to fit in with the crowd, having a special diet can even […] Read more »

Is Gluten-Free Italian Dining an Oxymoron?

A few years ago a new 100% gluten-free Italian dining restaurant opened up in my town and it had me flaberghasted. It was a high end restaurant just off the main drag of the area known as Little Italy. I could not imagine it being any good considering the fact that most of the gluten-free […] Read more »

Gluten Free Restaurants : Spotlight on Todrics in Ottawa

Gluten free restaurants are not always easy to find when wanting to eat out  especially those for fine dining. Residents of Ottawa with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance are lucky as there are more and more around the city that are serving gluten-free fare. This short interview with Chef Eric of Todrics in Ottawa gives […] Read more »

Gluten-Free Diet Gets American Top Athlete Back on Track

Starting a gluten-free diet has put ITU gold winner, Timothy O’Donnell back in the game. A common practice of many athletes before a big event is to stock up on carbs and that often means laden with gluten. For most people this is ok but if you find you have Celiac Disease or gluten sensitiviy […] Read more »

Gluten-Free Diet Helps Overcome Medical Challenges

Gluten-free diet medical benefits not only impact Celiac disease but other related conditions as well.There is no medication to take and there is no way to make it go away. Until recently there was not much attention paid to this disease and many lived with it for years never knowing there was a way for them […] Read more »