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gluten-free casein-free diet brings hope to people with autism

Autism studies on children following a Gluten-Free Casein-Free Diet indicate huge behavioural improvements among those that have gastrointestinal problems. Some hypothsize that autism may not just be a neurological centric disease. Recent studies indicate that it may have autoimmune and gastrointestinal track involvement as well. Parents are open to any possibility that will improve advantage for their children. From my perspective, the human body can never really be compartmenalized so it is not a surprise that a condition may involve other aspects of bodily functions. Though there are a lot more studies to come around autoimmune diseases and diet including those related to Autism Spectrum Disorder any advancement at this point may be helpful to those seeking solutions. If some of these entail a diet alteration parents are willing to give it a go.

Gluten-Free Casein-Free Diet

According to Klein, autism may be more than a neurological disease—it may involve the GI tract and the immune system.

“There are strong connections between the immune system and the brain, which are mediated through multiple physiological symptoms,” Klein says. “A majority of the pain receptors in the body are located in the gut, so by adhering to a gluten-free, casein-free diet, you’re reducing inflammation and discomfort that may alter brain processing, making the body more receptive to ASD therapies.”

“Gluten and casein seem to be the most immunoreactive,” Klein says. “A child’s skin and blood tests for gluten and casein allergies can be negative, but the child still can have a localized immune response in the gut that can lead to behavioral and psychological symptoms. When you add that in with autism you can get an exacerbation of effects.

“If parents are going to try a gluten-free, casein-free diet with their children, they really need to stick to it in order to receive the possible benefits,” she says. “It might give parents an opportunity to talk with their physicians about starting a gluten-free, casein-free diet with their children with ASD.”

(Credit: Jess Hamilton / Flickr) PENN STATE (US) — A glutenfree casein-free diet may lead to behavior and physiological improvement in children with autism spectrum disorders. A recent study by researchers at Penn State is the first to use survey

Best results were found with the inclusive gluten-free casein-free diet as opposed to just one or the other. It has to be a long-term adoption. While parents with children with ASD are gaining momentum in the advocacy it is important that parents find an ally in their family doctor to help support them in alternative solutions until more solid research is achieved.


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gluten free paleo diet recipes

gluten free paleo diet recipes from the paleo diet cookbook

Gluten free paleo diet recipes came up a lot when I was looking for cookbooks for gluten free eating. Now as we can see, lots of people with Celiacs disease or gluten intolerance have compounded issues like lactose intolerance and casein intolerance so when you look for specific information, no one spot seems to cover them all.

While they all entail following a “special diet” they are not to be confused with diet as associated with weightloss as is often the case in this weight obsessed world of ours. In the case of those with Celiac disease it is all about maintaining an healthy lifestyle. Some of the new ways of eating such as the Paleo Diet is focused on a healthy lifestyle but was not issued from sickness.

That said, it looks like many of the gluten free paleo diet recipe books out there are congruent with what someone following a gluten free diet for Celiac Disease may be looking for. I found that Erin Elberson Lyon in her article paleo diet for celiacs does a great dissection of the two ways of eating as she comes from the point of view for fitness rather than sickness but she drills down into the reasoning behind the details of each.

Gluten Free Paleo Diet Recipes

Paleo diet for Celiacs
According to Wikipedia (really, where else would you look,) “The modern dietary regimen known as the Paleolithic diet (abbreviated paleo diet or paleodiet), also popularly referred to as the caveman diet, Stone Age diet and hunter-gatherer diet, is a nutritional plan based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals that various human species habitually consumed during the Paleolithic—a period of about 2.5 million years duration that ended around 10,000 years ago with the development of agriculture. In common usage, such terms as the “Paleolithic diet” also refer to the actual ancestral human diet.[1][2] Centered on commonly available modern foods, the “contemporary” Paleolithic diet consists mainly of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, roots, and nuts; and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.

As you can see, there are no grains in this so that is what would make the paleo diet recipes readily available to those looking for gluten-free recipes. The thing that stands out for Erin as for me is that it has also cut out many of the foods that someone with Celiac disease can eat. From where I stand if your body already has a hard time getting enough nutrients why then hinder free access to some that may be easily absorbed? Lynn talks about it in terms of personal likes as well as food quality.

I  love the foods that they include.  All naturally gluten free, all can be highly nutritious.  What I don’t like so much are all the exclusions.  I like beans, and find them a good source of protein and carbohydrate.  Tasty, too.  Same goes for dairy (as I am not casein or lactose intolerant.)  And no rice, ever?

Accept no approach blindly.  Do your research, get educated, and make an informed decision.  Don’t be afraid to take bits and pieces from different areas and make them your own. Read the full article here.

Gluten Free Paleo Diet Recipes

One of the authors I found in my quest with lots of gluten free paleo diet recipes is the paleo cookbooks by Nikki Young. One of the recipes we tried from the gluten free paleo diet recipes that was easy peasy was Broccoli and Pine-Nut Soup.


  • 1 onion diced
  • 1tbs oil
  • 3 cups broccoli
  • 3 cups chicken or vegetable stock
  • ¼ cup pine-nuts

Instructions: Fry onion in a large pan with oil on medium heat until slightly browned. Add broccoli and stock and simmer for 10-15minutes or until broccoli has softened. Cool slightly. Place in a food processor or use an electric blender to form a smooth texture. Heat to serve.

The Paleo diet is derived from what we know about paleolithic man. There are lots of Gluten Free Paleo Diet Recipes in Nikki’s Cookbooks for a range of dishes for every occasion. You can read more on what is on the inside of the books here at her site Paleo Cookbooks or click on the banner right below this paragraph.


Recipes for the Paleo Diet


Gluten intolerance and other special diets seem to be given lip service by directors of institutions. What happens to your loved ones who end up in rehab or long term care and they have a special diet such as gluten free lactose free? You may be surprised to find that it is not what you may have expected from a caregiving institution with a medical staff on board. In fact, they may say one thing and do another out of pure ignorance.

This can be scary for family members who only get there once a week or even less. Your loved one may end up sicker than they need to be. From my own experience, I know that it is important to always be on the lookout for any and all personal needs for your family member. You have to be their best advocate. It had never occurred to me that a special diet would be over looked until I came across this video the other day.

How to Ensure Someone With Gluten Intolerance is Provided a Proper Diet

To See The Original Channel Go toAre Your Loved Ones Being Fed Gluten Against Their Will

Nursing homes are not my favorite places to think about. When my mother had to go to one, we saw horror stories pass before our eyes and that was a good one. I have no idea how they would have accommodated  a special diet for someone with Gluten Intolerance.
Celiac disease is getting a lot more attention these days so people are becoming aware of some of the issues and what kind of diet is best but institutions resist change and are not necessarily best informed even if they are based on a medical model. Often resources and education are lacking for the everyday staff like those who run the kitchens. I think, diets are important and can impact many health aspects of the lives of the people living in collective housing. It is only by advocating and educating that things will change. Gluten Intolerance is serious and all levels of a house need to be aware of what it means to support health.

What have your experiences been regarding special diets and institutions? How do you think change can be implemented so the clients can be better serived? Please share your ideas in the comments.




Marketing is all about story telling. We tell stories to ourselves all the time to make us feel good and to make us feel bad. Gluten free diets have become mainstream news these days not for those who actually need this type of diet but for those seeking weightloss. As soon as celebrities start talking about something there seems to be a surge in others jumping on the band wagon. for some reason a gluten free diet seems to be the next biggest greates one for weight loss.

Since weight loss is a multi billion dollar industry it is no shock that it is a field day for marketers and advertisers. We start to beleive the stories without really digging deep. We were brought up on story telling and of course we love a happy ending. Haveing Celiac is not neccessarily the happy ending those suffering from it were expecting. Those who go off gluten and all the related gluten filled foods like breads, pastas cakes and cookies often see a dramatic drop in weight. What is it? Is it the gluten free diet or is it the fact that people are choosing foods that are less processed? Regardless of the stories the marketers are spinning, you have to get serious here and take a closer look.

Check out a Gluten Free Diet Program for the Ideal Weight Loss Effects

Being a ex – marketing manager, it nearly always makes me have a good laugh as I troll the superstore shelves and listen to star bursts on solutions endorsing Fat Free Candy (when achieved it ever have fat within it? – it’s rich in sugar not fat), Gluten 100 % free biscuits, Gluten free cereals and so forth. Marketing managers love to benefit from the newest and finest (or even not so fine) fads within the market?or fundamentally nearly anything which has already established a great deal of coverage for simply being healthful. The preceding trends get including those leaping in the HCG diet plans, or even just the Hollywood cookie weight loss plans, liquid diets, cabbage soup fat loss programs, MSG Free and which means that forth.

So let’s disentangle a handful of common myths and facts about the latest victim – “gluten”. We have heard blanket phrases including:

Gluten free diets are generating the most weight-loss gains, Gluten free could be the solution to use for almost any person after fat deprivation results, Gluten free foods are generally magic foods for both nutrition and fat loss. Staying on Gluten free diets has grown to be known as the ‘trendiest thing’ to achieve for weight loss.

Initially let’s talk about what gluten really is. Gluten is normally confused with wheat being a grain but it actually isn’t. It’s a protein applied to wheat, which includes kamut, spelt, barely and rye. It is usually the agent responsible for the flexible consistency of dough and therefore is in most breads, pastas, crackers plus some cereal products or manufactured treats. Generally everything with flour within it carries gluten in it. Gluten isn’t included within buckwheat, corn, almond snack, rice flour or rice for example, millet, quinoa and some oats.

There are undoubtedly people that for allergic, intolerance or sensitivity motives must keep from ingesting gluten – these individuals are referred to as possessing Celiac disease nevertheless it is still a modest element of the human population typically about 1-2%, even even though this number is apparently increasing. My thoughts are that this is a result of the over-processing plus genetically modification of wheat, which has changed the number of chromosomes in the plant and for that reason raised the inability for people to absorb it?but that is a full different subject which i won’t get into just yet.

Men and women that do have Celiac disease suffer the pain of considerable bloating, gas, tiredness, discomfort in the intestines and sometimes the failure to shed weight. Some individuals MAY end up wandering around having Celiac disease and never realize it. If you really have it and just take gluten out of your diet program then the consequence will be that yes ta da you certainly will drop some weight!!

With regard to various other individuals lacking Celiac condition that eliminate gluten altogether I have a number of different results relating to maximum weight loss that will be probable. If you ever get rid of gluten entirely then you’re reducing your carbohydrate intake. Frequently we actually eat way too many carbohydrate food for what we really need. Carbohydrates are actually an energy supplier so they are important but sadly western society has caused it to be too simple to know more about food products and wrongly diagnosed food pyramids have inspired us all to take too several carbs for what we expend in the form of activity and such. So my true response is – naturally you are going to shed weight if you ever adjust your diet program to diminish the quality of carbohydrates but there’s a big caveat, the weight loss success will entirely be contingent on exactly what there’s a chance you’re swapping it with.

This is exactly where the marketing together with advertising experts begin doing work.

By way of case when you’re switching your steel cut Irish oats using gluten free cereal you might or might not be carrying out a positive thing for your abdominals. And here, I say – the entire thing would be contingent in the greater picture. By God here she goes again on a rant?.. not really much a rant being a just be more aware types of speech. That gluten free cereal you are getting ready to tuck into could also contain 18gms of sugar for any serving, along with quite several chemical compounds and chemical preservatives so it’s really even worse in your case. For an aside, 18gms of sugar is the same as 4. 5 teaspoons associated with sugar!!

In the event you may consider switching your steel cut oatmeal which has a buckwheat absolutely no handsome added cereal then perhaps there’s a chance you’re doing yourself a massive favor. That is, if it actually includes significantly less carbs in comparison to the steel cut oats?then again I doubt this too. We also have the dietary content to bear in mind not only the carb count.

I may be saying the obvious but in the event that you will be taking in gluten free cookies they usually are virtually no better on an individual’s fat reduction as compared to having regular cookies. Recognize that just because the content label say gluten free this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are being healthful by taking in that item.

My foremost endorsement should be to have a shot with going gluten free to get a fortnight especially if you believe you’ve gotten several intolerance or sensitivity and also allergy to gluten then you definately will most probably realize in just a few days if you’re super sensitive for it. People will definitely harvest the advantages in connection with this.

My next endorsement should be to go gluten free if you’d like to test it as a weight loss method but watch out for what you will end up substituting the gluten using. Consider making use associated with quinoa or millet as an alternative. Go to town with all your dishes and employ clean, actual food. That is, foodstuff that hasn’t ended up packaged seeing that most of the gluten free products are damaging you. They still possess many nasty preservatives that you might want to look out for. If this really works in your case as a weight reduction then great! You should notice that should you be ingesting real food like the above you will then be prone to losing fat. That is why I feel it is one of the best ways to shed weight. It may not conclusively be the lack of the gluten in so much because the swapping of the unhealthy foods with superior wholesome, serious, natural food products. However you view it, choosing serious, clean, healthy foods over the man-made ready-made versions will likely be key in maximum fat loss.

Therefore you don’t need to really go gluten 100 % free for maximum weight reduction – you have to simply take in real food the acceptable way?just as I get consistently encouraged. What I will probably suggest is, certain, check out going gluten free for some products then of path, it possesses a beneficial impact on your weight reduction then persevere. Be suspicious of precisely what will be in gluten 100 % free products by reading your handmade jewelry labels carefully.

Moral of the story – Stay with actual food products for proper weight loss and you definitely are free from harm! By ingesting real foods that you really were engineered to consume you will find yourself sure to attain maximum weight loss – gluten or virtually no gluten.

Should you prefer a real food for substantial fat loss diet plan that will show you specifically what things you eat and what brands to go for then buy the real Food for Real Fat reduction plan.

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Back to school lunch packing for kids can be a challenge in the best of times. In the past finding gluten free foods for kids was more difficult but as awareness grows more people are writing about it and creating great food without the stigma. While kids of any age may become picky adding a few fun surprises like Momma Says does when packing her kids school lunches helps them stay interesting.

Part of the delight of food is presentation. Momma even adds cut out heat shapped nori to top off the gluten free dijon chicken and rice. Take a look and see how easy this mom makes gluten free cooking for kids and adapts for the rest of the family. No one would ever know.

Well the kiddos are back to school now after Christmas Break. So now is the back to bento for Big Momma. I know my kiddo is looking forward to her bentos and her new styling blue purse like lunch bag,  thanks Grammy!

Today’s bento is leftover GF Dijon chicken and rice. One thing about bento is you dont have to make intricate bentos, yea they are way fun and exciting but with the addition of a cute little items you can use leftovers and get that bento done in a snap.

I used the rice and chicken on half of the bento with some nori punched out hearts to decorate the rice a bit. Stuck some cute little panda baran, food separators and picks. I added a container with oranges along side of it is a ham flower with carrot middle and a broccoli floret. Color wise it is a little bland but the cute pandas make up for the loss and she will like it….

Sorry My pics are not the best with the lighting but I take them at 5:45 to 6 AM that is too early for the sun to shine in my kitchen and make for pretty lighting – OH WELL ;P

My kiddo LOVED this recipe I am sure yours will too. For the rest of the family I used regular progresso bread crumbs.

Recipe for GF Chicken Dijon

4 chicken breasts

1/2 Cup mayo

1/2 Cup Dijon mustard

1/4 tsp spices, I used Tuscan herbs grinder

Salt & Pepper

GF bread crumbs  – Schar brand (I also added some spices above to crumbs for flavor, once added parmesean cheese that was good too!)

1. rinse and pat dry chicken

2. In a bowl mix mayo, mustard, spices

3. Salt and pepper chicken then baste with mayo mix on one side

4. Place mix side down into crumbs and press to make sure they adhere nice

5. Repeat to second side

Place chicken on lined baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil or butter (in the past I even sprayed chicken with PAM organic and that did great too) to help browning.

Bake at 425 for about 25-30 min

Momma Says: Dont stress out lunch can be quick and easy with their favorite leftovers!

Where I would change things up here is to make it a standard recipe for all. Why become a restaurant in your home?Adapt the family diet to the recipes you choose and choose recipes that are gluten free for all as much as possible. Aside from bread and pasta, most do not need adapting.IMHO

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